“ I have really enjoyed working with Lydia.  She is so insightful and knowledgeable as to how all the parts make up the whole – nutrition, exercise, stress and faith – I need them all to be balanced to have a balanced life.  It is a journey that I have begun with Lydia and will continue through the rest of my life.  Thank you, Lydia, for direction! “

-Jeanie. K.- Maryland 

"It was no accident that I happened to meet Lydia Romero-Johnson, at a time in my life when I needed her insight the most.  Living with LUPUS, having somewhat of a support system was good, but Lydia opened my eyes to new things.  She taught me little things about coping with stress, that actually turned into big changes in my life.  She opened my mind about being more in tuned with my health and made a lot of suggestions to help me live life to richer and fuller.  I am so grateful to have met Lydia.  Our sessions were so calming and relaxing, although over the phone, I felt so relaxed speaking with her and look forward to in person sessions!" - Sharrone C.- Maryland

"Lydia helped me during an incredibly tough time in my life, I was working towards losing weight for my wedding and I had an accident which didn't allow me to work out for a very long period of time. Without working out I could not imagine how I was going to loose weight, she started having these once a week meetings with me and slowly and very patiently helped me change my eating habits. I stopped drinking coffee and soda, she helped me get more veggies in my life and while I still eat meat, I choose to be smart about the foods I consume. She also helped with my anxiety and helped me reach personal goals by giving me training tools such as inspiration boards, and excellent documentaries to watch. I did not lose all the weight I wanted to by the time I got married but her guidance actually helped me even more after my wedding. Shortly after getting married my husband and I received the wonderful news that we were expecting, unfortunately I had developed gestational diabetes but thankfully I had remembered the advice Lydia had giving me during our year long sessions and with the tools she gave me and my strong desire to do the right thing for my un-born child I was able to successfully maintain my blood-sugar levels during my pregnancy, I did not gain any extra weight and I even lost 30lbs! Her help, friendship and guidance truly made a change in my life and her story is even more inspirational. Thank you Lydia for all your help!" -E.P.- New Jersey