Achieve your ultimate vision of health.  

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You ever sometimes forget what you are capable of? Ever let doubt take over, and it has negative effects on your health and life?

This course will remind you, inspire you, and teach you to navigate through the doubt and fear, to help you feel like the vibrant healthy, ambitious woman you know is inside of you.  

Only good vibes here! Uplift, inspire, educate, and support is my intention. 

You deserve to live your happiest and healthiest life, despite all the stuff that's been thrown your way. Don't you? 

Lively Living with Lupus is possible!

So excited that you’re here. YAY!!

Love always, 

Lydia Romero Johnson, RN, CHC 

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Lively Living with Lupus Transformation: Tools, strategies, and resources

Course by: Lydia Romero Johnson

Value: $79

Ever think to yourself, “ I want to come off these meds?” I hear you! I had that same thought. I had to learn how to naturally heal myself, find strategies to manage my lupus. In this course, I will share with you what I’ve learned, what worked, and how to take action. This course will leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and prepared to begin your healing transformation.

What you get: 

E-BOOK:  6 Powerful Tips For Improving your health while living with lupus. 

  1. Advocate and Assert

2. Less Stress, Less Flare

3. Food as a tool 

4. Establish healthy boundaries 

5. Get up and move

6. Self-Care

Audio version of E-BOOK

VIDEO- Coming off medications: The side-effect of these 6 tips. 

6 weekly Homework assignments to go along with E-BOOK/audio – PDF

BONUS: Vision Board of healing – create your own  – VIDEO and PDF GUIDE

 What you will learn?

how to better cope with stress 

foods that promote healing 

how to advocate for your health 

the importance of healthy boundaries to promote healing, and how to set some

How healing shaking your ass really is

Why it’s so important that you make yourself a priority

And more 

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